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Student and Parents

It is a privilege for students to partake in the School-to-Career Program. Students are not required to participate; therefore, they can be removed at any time.  Due to strenuous liability and accountability issues, under no uncertain terms can this privilege be abused.  Students that participate in the School- to- Career Program must be 16 years old and complete a application that shows a positive: attendance, discipline, and academic record.  Students must provide their own transportation. Co-op is only available on the technical rotation. 

HOW DO I GET STARTED?                   

1. Speak with your technical Instructor to make sure you would be eligible 

2. Meet with Coop Coordinator 

3. Parent/Guardian and Tech teacher signs application

4. Provide Copy of working papers if you’re under 18 "Upload to CTE 360"

5. Work out particulars with the employer " Scheduling, pay, lunch, etc." 

6. Work with COOP Coordinator on COOP Paperwork Packet. 

What Happens Once I am on CO-OP?

1. Students must use CTE 360 and join REMIND CLASS.

2. Complete all necessary assignments 

3.  Students that are on contract Physical Education must complete an Alternative Assessment once a rotation on the COOP Google Classroom.  

      - PE assignments are due to Mr. McGinty the first day of the Academic Rotation. (  

      - Grading for PE class is based on completed PE assessments by the due date.

4. Adhere to all Rules and Regulations stated in the Student Code of Conduct as well as outlined in the Final COOP Approval and Rules of Employment  

5. Meet with the Technical Instructor to stay up to date on the class activities, assignments, and NOCTI Prep

6. Arrange for transportation to and from the worksite

7. Students are not permitted to work at their training stations on days that they are absent from school. It is imperative that both students and employers communicate all issues and schedule changes effectively. Feel free to contact:

      - Mr. Hansell 215.949.1700 x 2216

      - Mr. Martino 215.949.1700 x 2178 

      - Mrs. Ryan  215.949.1700 x 2814

8. Students must report to work per their Training Plan.  If the student does not have work, they must come to school.  If the student leaves school and there is no work, the student must return to school.  Again, communication is the key component. 

9. Grading for COOP students is strictly up to the Technical Instructor.  However, instructors are encouraged to use the employer evaluation for a portion of the student’s grade.

10. If a student is fired or quits a job without discussing the issues with the School – to – Career Coordinator, the student will lose their COOP opportunity for the entire school year.