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Employer Page

1.) Students must be paid minimum wage ($7.25) on the books.

2.) Employer and students must adhere to Child Labor Laws as they relate to hours and Hazardous Occupations. (See Attachment Child Labor Law Summary)

3.) Employers must provide proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance. (See attachment  Worker's Comp)

4.) Employers must be willing to work around the technical rotation calendar. (See attachment  Coop Calendar)

*Actual hours will be determined on the student’s Training Plan.*

5.) Senior students are available to work on the Blue days.  

6.) Junior students are available to work on White Days. 

7.) All students are available to work on Holidays when school is closed. 

8.) Employers are required to fill out a periodic evaluation of the student’s progress on a rating form provided by the school. (See Attachment Evaluation Form) This will be a quarterly email that can be completed electronically. 

9.) It is imperative that both students and employers communicate all issues and schedule changes effectively. Feel free to contact:

      - Mr. Hansell 215.949.1700 x 2216

      - Mr. Martino 215.949.1700 x 2178 

      - Mrs. Ryan  215.949.1700 x 2814

10.) Students must report to work per their Training Plan.  If the student does not have work, they must come to school.  If the student leaves school and there is no work, the student must return to school.  Again, communication is the key component.