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Mr. Walt Hansell
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  • Engineering and Industrial Technology - Transportation
  • Business Arts and Technology
  • Health and Human Services
Mr. Ron Martino
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  • Engineering and Industrial Technology - Construction
  • Engineering and Industrial Technology - Manufacturing



The purpose of this program is to provide students, before graduation, a real opportunity to acquaint themselves with the inevitable “World of Work”. 
Junior and Senior students are eligible to participate in the School- to- Career program after completing a pre-evaluation form.
It is a privilege for students to partake in the School-to-Career Program. Students are not required to participate; therefore, they can be removed at any time.  Due to strenuous liability and accountability issues, under no uncertain terms can this privilege be abused. 
Students that participate in the School- to- Career Program must be 16 years old and complete a pre-evaluation that shows a positive: attendance, discipline, and academic record.
Students must provide their own transportation.


Students earn a wage as well as experience within the students’ field of study. 
Is not financially compensated and is designed for experience only.   Students may only participate in an internship for a limited amount of time.
Job placement
In the current economic climate securing a job is difficult; however, assistance is available, and every effort is made to place ALL students in jobs consistent with their Technical Field.