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Occupational Assessments (NOCTI) - NOCTI

National Occupational Competency Testing Institute Assessment

All seniors designated as a “completer” of a technical program are required to participate in State Occupational Competency Testing.  BCTHS defines a “completer” as any student who has been enrolled in the program for 50% or more of the instructional hours.   Student Occupational Competency Assessment is a requirement under state and federal regulations, as well as a graduation requirement of BCTHS.  A specific test utilized by our school to comply with the requirements is the NOCTI assessment.  The unique aspect of this test is that it relies on both written and performance components to identify the student’s skill level.  Results of the assessment will become a part of the student’s permanent record.  Students who score exceptionally well may be awarded the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate, issued by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. NOCTI assessments are generally administered in mid-May.