AP Test Info

Test Info


You must inform Mr. Woehr by January 18th if you intend to take the AP test.  It is recommended that you have a discussion with Mr. Woehr before you make your final decision.  The test date is May 6th, 2019 at 8 am at school.


The cost is $95 dollars.  It is $45 dollars if you are on free or reduced lunch.  The payment should go to the main office by February 1st.  All checks should be made out to The Bucks County Technical School.  In the Memo, line writes the students name and AP Gov Test.  Pay at the main office and take the receipt to Mr. Quici.


All AP Test scores are on a 5 point scale: 

5= extremely well qualified (all colleges accept for credit)

4= well qualified (most colleges accept for credit)

3= qualified (many colleges accept for credit)

2= possibly qualified (no colleges accept for credit)

1= no recommendation (no colleges accept for credit)

What to Bring to the Exam:

Several sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers

A government-issued or school id

What NOT to bring to the Exam:

Electronic Equipment


Scratch Paper

Watches that beep


Reference guides

Food or drink

Clothing with subject-related information

Getting Your Exam Scores 

Score reports are provided to in July of the year you take your exam.

Test Tips

  • The test will consist of two sections: Section 1 has sixty multiple-choice questions; Section 2 has four free-response questions.  You will have 45 minutes for the multiple-choice portion.  The questions are collected and you will be given a short break.  Then you will have 100 minutes for the free-response portion.  Devoted 25 minutes to each free-response question.
  • Learn vocabulary. You will not be able to answer questions if you do not understand what the terms mean. The unit overviews can be handy study guides.
  • Annotate the questions. Circle, bracket, underline, checkmark—in some way highlight the keywords in the question. Use these to help you find the right answer choice.
  • Use the process of elimination when you are not sure about an answer. Even the College Board suggests that if you are not sure about an answer but can eliminate at least one answer choice as being wrong, guess. Use logic to work your way through the answer choices until, through the process of elimination, you can select one answer as your best "guess."
  • Guess if you have to. 
  • Pace yourself. Work out a pacing schedule for yourself. Write it in your test booklet if you have to in order to remind yourself to work steadily and efficiently. It will help keep your anxiety level under control.
  • Don't be careless in marking or erasing answers on the answer sheet. In other words, blacken answer ovals completely and erase your changes completely. You have probably heard this every time you have taken a standardized test, but it is true. Multiple-choice tests are scored by machine and the machine is not programmed to deal with pencil marks, only blackened answer ovals.
  • If you skip answering a question, circle the question number in the test booklet, not on the answer sheet. The same reason applies; stray marks confuse the machine.
  • If you skip a question, be sure you skip the answer line for that question.

Essay Test Tips

  • Choose the order in which you want to write the essays. You do not have to answer the essay questions in the order in which the test preparers listed them. Skim the essay questions quickly and then renumber them 1, 2, etc. Tackle them in that order.
  • Use an abbreviated outline form to structure your essay, but do not outline it. After you have read the question and highlighted the keywords so you know what you are being asked, restate the question to yourself. Then brainstorm ideas to answer that question. You will not have time to write a full outline, but number the ideas that you just generated in the best order to state, develop, and conclude your essay.
  • Try for at least a five-paragraph essay—an introduction to state your thesis, three paragraphs to develop your points, and a strong conclusion to summarize and restate your thesis.
  • Write clearly and legibly. The readers of your essay have only 2 or 3 minutes to read and score your essay. No matter how well-meaning and fair they are, they just do not have time to puzzle over illegible handwriting. Practice writing neatly—and quickly.

    When answering the free responses it is important to remember that your grader is NOT Mr. Woehr, and does NOT care about the quality of your writing. JUST HIT THE MAIN POINTS. You earn points based on whatever you write that is correct, so please, don’t be fancy – just answer the question as briefly as possible. This is AP Government, not English.

Test Prep

At the bottom of this page, you will find documents that will assist you in studying for the AP Test.  The first is a study guide that will outline all the major information you will need to prepare for the test.  The second is practice essay questions with answers.  The third is a full practice AP test with answers.  Please you all the resources at your disposal to help yourself do the best you can on this test.