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Unit 1 The Constitution
Who employs the Public Servants
Yertle the turtle

Constitutional Ideas

Read pp 48-49

6 Principals of the Constitution

Study for Test 1
Unit 2 Federalism
Who employs the Public Servants
Powers of the Federal Government
Study for Test 2

Unit 3 Bill of Rights & Beyond
Violations of the 1st Amendment
Applying the Bill of Rights
Study for Test 3

Unit 4 Public Opinion & Voting
Conducting a Poll
How Younger and older Americana Compare on the Issues
The Gender Gap
Study for Test 4

Unit 5 Political Parties & Campaigns
Political Parties and Socialization
Read p250 Questions #1,2
The Party System
Evaluating the primary and Caucus System
Campaign Contributors
Study for Test 5

Unit 6 Interest Groups & Mass Media
Iron Triangle
Read p217 Question #1,2,3
Running for Office
Study for Test 6

Unit 7 The Legislative Branch
Legislative Branch
Raise Money
Choosing Congressional Leaders
Congress Power of Impeachment
Political Cartoon I
Study for Test 7

Unit 8 The Executive Branch
Read pp 372-373 Questions  #1,2,3
Electoral College Results
Which Executive Department
Watergate & Nixon
Study for Test 8

Unit 9 The Judicial Branch
Read p 443 Questions 1,2,3
Read p 441 Insert Questions 1,2,3
Bringing a Case to Court
Read p 445 Questions 1,2,3
Study for Test 9

Unit 10 Policy

Constitutional Issues 

Read pp 48-49
6 Principals of the Constitution 
Study for Test 1