All assignments are given in school and to be completed in school unless otherwise noted by Mr. Woehr in class.

Unit 1 The Constitution

13 Colonies
Working with the Articles 
Signers of the Constitution
Articles of the Constitution
Bong Hits for Jesus
Working with Precedent
Unit 2 Federalism

Unitary Vs. Federal Government
Who Rules our Day
The Division of Power

Individual Rights and Government Interest
Unit 3 Bill of Rights and Beyond

1st Amendment
Search Warrant 
I take the 5th
Story of the Amendments
Tinker v. Des Moines
Unit 4 Public Opinion & Voting

Citizenship Test
Creating a Bias Poll
Election of 1800, 1896, and 2008
Unit 5 Political Parties & Campaigns


Unit 6 Interest Groups & Mass Media

Working for an Interest Group
Ronald Reagan's 7 Principals of Media
Obama Goes Door to Door
Unit 7 The Legislative Branch

Federalist Papers
Analyzing 2 proposed laws
Powers of Congress
Law Craft

Unit 8 The Executive Branch

Presidential Help Wanted
Win the White House
Power of the President
President Vs. Congress
Executive Command
Unit 9 The Federal Courts

Supreme Court Decisions
Court Quest
Jurisdiction & Type of Case
Judicial Comic
Unit 10 Policy