AP Government

Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics


The Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics course is unlike all other high school courses.  The topics are contemporary in nature and the students taking the class are among the best and brightest and most politically aware.  Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics course is an intense, challenging learning experience equivalent to that attained in a college-level introductory political science course. 

This course is a full year of study that includes both the study of general concepts used to interpret U.S. politics and the analysis of specific examples. 

A variety of activities will be employed.  While traditional lectures on political discourse will be provided, students will also be expected to participate through discussions, debates, oral presentations and projects on both primary sources and current events assigned in class.  

All students enrolled in the course can sign up for the Advanced Placement Test in May.  If a sufficient score is obtained in this test you may be eligible to receive college credit.