All assignments are given in school and to be completed in school unless otherwise noted by Mr. Woehr in class.

Unit 1 Americans
Citizenship Test
About You
My American Values
What Governments Do
Post Test Assignment 1

Unit 2 American History
Working with Precedent
13 Colonies
Working with the Articles
Timeline of Events of America
Post Test Assignment 2

Unit 3 The Constitution
Branches of Power
Articles of the US Constitution
National Vs State Power
Post Test Assignment 3

Unit 4 The Bill of Rights & Beyond
1st Amendment Assignment
Search Warrant Activity
I Take the 5th
That's Cruel and Unusual
Tinker Vs. Des Moines
The Story of the Amendments
Do Men and Women Earn Equal Pay
Post Test Assignment 4

Unit 5 Duties, Responsibilities & Rights
1st All Class Debate
Post Test 5 Assignment

Unit 6 Legislative Branch
Federalists Papers
Law Craft
Powers of Congress
Analyze two proposed laws
Post Test 6 Assignment

Unit 7 Executive Branch
Presidential Help Wanted
Win the White House
Powers of the President
The President Vs Congress
Executive Command
Post Test 7 Assignment

Unit 8 Judicial Branch
Jurisdiction & Type of Case
How to solve the Problem of Crowded Schools
Court Quest
We the Jury
Judicial Comic
Supreme Court Decisions
Post Test 8 Assignment

Unit 9 Politics and Voting
Which Political Party
Creating your own Political Party
Post Test 9 Assignment

Unit 10 Elections
2nd All Class Debate

Unit 11 State Government
US Vs State Constitution
State Investigations
Post Test 11 Assignment

Unit 12 Local Government & Issues 
People's Pie
local Issues
Post Test 12 Assignment 

Unit 13 Money
Your own Business
Post Test 13 Assignment

Unit 14 US & The World
International Trade
Post Test 14 Assignment