All assignments are given in school and to be completed in school unless otherwise noted by Mr. Woehr in class.

Unit 1 Geography
Landforms Flashcards
Which City is it?
Crime Mapping
5 Themes of Geography
Map of Continents and Oceans
Test Assignment 1

Unit 2 Earth and its People
Project Earthquake
Map of Europe
Desk Atlas Assignment Europe 1
Map of Africa

Desk Atlas Assignment Africa

Buy Food for your village
Test Assignment 2

Unit 4 Culture
The Power of Gestures 
Test Assignment 4

Unit 5 North & South America
Map of North America
Desk Atlas Assignment United States 
Human Population Growth
Map of South America
Desk Atlas Assignment South America 
Group Archeology
Test Assignment 5

Unit 6 Africa, Asia, Australia, & Europe
Man Hunt
Map of Middle East
Desk Atlas Assignment Asia 1
Desk Atlas Assignment Middle East
Assignment Africa
Map of Asia
Desk Atlas Assignment Physical Geography 2
Desk Atlas Assignment Asia 2
Test 6 Assignment

Unit 7 Ancient Religions
What is Religion
Creation Story
Test 7 Assignment 

Unit 8 Old Religions
The Ramayana
Understanding Hinduism 
The Story of the Buddha's Enlightenment
Timeline of Jewish History
Holy Cow

Unit 9 Middle Religions
Taoism & Shintoism
Informative paper on Christianity
Christian Martyrs 
Test 9 Assignment

Unit 10 New Religions
Religion Information Packet
Martin Luther Makes His Stand
Test 10 Assignment

Unit 11 Imperialism
The Black Plague
Timeline of the Renaissance

Imperialism Political Cartoons
Triangle Trade
Test 11 Assignment

Unit 12 End of Imperialism
South American Independence
Mankind the Story of US "Revolutions"

Test 14 Assignment


Unit 13 Industrial Revolution
Child Labor and the Industrial Revolution 
Men and Women Work 
Test 13 Assignment

Unit 15 Genocide
Ukrainian Genocide
Hotel Rwanda
Test 15 Assignment

Unit 16 Global Issues
The difference between viruses and bacteria

The Next Plague
Global issue "poverty"
Global Issue "Science and Technology"
Little Ice Age Big Chill