This page is storage for some of the files used in class. Many of the class notes can be found on this page. Additional material that goes beyond the time constraints of class can also be found on this page. 

Related Files

Supplemental Textbook

This is a free textbook that is for optional use. It is intended to help answer any questions when you do not feel like signing out the required textbook from class.


These are some of the common equations needed for this class. These notes are not intended to explain each equation. This is simply a quick reference to faciliate your work.


tools and useful notes for lab


basics of matter and atoms

Lab Report Template

This template can be used for the formal lab reports. You do not have to give a citation for it if you decide to use it.

Metric notes

review of the metric system

science basics

things you need to know before entering chemistry

safety contract

lab safety rules

matter and atoms

what you need to know on matter and atoms

mole notes

how to use molar conversions

nuclear chemistry

electrons and energy

periodic table


ionic and covalent bonding


chemical reactions

thermo chem


solutions, net ionic, acid/base


gas laws


9th grade speed/acceleration

9th grade forces

9th grade mousetrap car

9th grade simple machines

9th grade energy

electricity 9th gradeelectricity 9th grade

motors and magnets


Extra Credit

Test 1 extra credit

test 2 extra credit

test 3 extra credit

test 4 extra credit

test 5 extra credit

test 6 extra credit

test 7 extra credit

test 8 extra credit

test 9 extra credit

test 10 extra credit

test 11 extra credit

test 12 extra credit