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The main purpose of an occupational advisory committee (OAC) is to strengthen the career and technical education program by making recommendations for program improvement and providing technical assistance to assure the most up-to-date curriculum content and appropriate applications of technology.

Advisory committees are a vital link between the career and technical education program, business and industry, and post-secondary education.  In addition to state requirements to establish advisory committees, career, and technical administrators, teachers and citizens recognize the value of community participation in the discussion of career and technical education issues.  Advisory committees assist in assuring the relevance of the career and technical education program to the community and increase public awareness of the program.  Committee members representing business, industry, labor, post-secondary education, and the general public bring a unique perspective to education and training programs.  The OAC provides a viewpoint, which is invaluable to the career and technical education program.

OAC members for Cosmetology are:


Christina Bekhit – Hair Stylist, Hair Cuttery

Peggy A. Bogarde – Hair Stylist, Thomas Akkins Salon

Sandra Brown – Salon Leader, Hair Cuttery

Danielle Buonanno – Salon Leader, Hair Cuttery

                                                Mackenzie Carter – Hair Stylist, Sensational Scissors

Jennifer Christofas – Hair Stylist, Hair Cuttery

Sharon DiSilvestro – Hair Stylist, Hair Care II

Maura Duncan – Cosmetology Teacher, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Kathryn Eby – BCTHS Guidance Counselor

Patty Herb – Hair Stylist, Hair Care II

Jill Higgins – Hair Stylist, 4 Seasons Hair Studio

Lora Kaczor – Owner, Kazmore Hair Studio, Inc.

Sara Logue – Hair Cuttery

Antoine Lovelace – Lac’d Unisex Hair Salon

JoAnn McLaughlin – Teacher/Stylist, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Sharmaine Mickens – Hair Stylist, J.C. Penney

Vicki Morgan – District Manager, Hair Cuttery

Christopher Nowakowski – Hair Stylist, Hair Cuttery

Oahn Nuygen – Artisan Hair

Heather Post – Representative/Sales and Education, Farook Systems

Marcy Raybold – Cosmetology Teacher, North Montco Technical Career Center

Deanna Salay – Hair Stylist, Hair Cuttery

Sarah Sanders – Hair Stylist, Artisan Hair by Oanh

Joe Santy – Owner, Attitudes

Samantha Swavely - Lac’d Unisex Hair Salon

Lauren Toll – BCTHS Teacher

Krista Wertz – Hair Stylist, Hair Cuttery