Ms. VanderGast - Social Studies

  • Welcome to my classroom site for  
    9th Grade Global Studies and 10th Grade American History.
    This site should be used as an educational resource and learning tool for all students and parents.  It contains classroom rules/guidelines/expectations, project instructions, important reminders and helpful resources.   Students are most successful when they advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their education.  
    If you ever have any questions or concerns email is the best way to contact me. 
    "I am here to teach you.  It is my responsibility and job as the teacher to meet any accommodations you may need, to adjust when necessary and to ensure that you are receiving the best education possible as well as reaching your utmost potential.  With that said, I can only do my job as the teacher if you do your job as the student.  By communicating openly with me about any concerns or issues, asking me as many questions as possible and staying on top of your class work and homework—we will have a wonderful school year.  I will accept nothing less than your best work and your hardest effort.  Each and every day I will expect you give everyone the utmost respect at all times, try your hardest, give me your absolute best and to continue to work through any and all challenges you may face.  Remember--if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get "
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    TUTORING: Tutoring is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 in my classroom D208.  Tutoring can occur during academic and tech rotations and can be a great study tool for students.  Students can come to re-take tests they earned a 73% or below on, can make up late work for half credit and we can work through study guides and make flash cards for upcoming tests or simply come and get caught up on work. 
    HOMEWORK: Homework can be handed in late for half credit if completed 
    TESTS: Tests can be retaken if students earn a 73% or below.  Tests are encouraged to be retaken during the rotation students get their grade back in.