Gifted Programming at BCTHS

  • Program Summary

    Each student in the Gifted program at BCTHS is entitled to services provided under Chapter 16 and is programed for through an individual education plan.

    Additionally, we offer students opportunities for:


    • Subject-Matter Acceleration/ Partial Acceleration 
    • Curriculum Compacting
    • Mentoring/Tutoring 
    • Advanced Placement Courses 


    • Social Skills Development
      • Addressing the social, emotional and sensory needs of the gifted learner
    • Each year we offer a seminar series related to a central theme whereby students build leadership, communication, and the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
    • Job Shadowing/ Mentorships/ Co-op
    • Resume writing and interview skills training
    • Assistance with transition planning (college, further technical training, military, or the work force)
    • Service learning