Homework Policy


    The BCTHS Joint Board Committee recognizes homework as an activity planned or approved by the teacher to be completed by the student outside of the regular classroom without the immediate and direct supervision of the teacher. 

    The purposes for which the teacher assigns homework activities include:

    • Helping a student master a skill.
    • Encouraging a student to learn new things.
    • Assisting a student to understand what is being taught.
    • Developing a sense of responsibility, independence, organization and good study skills.
    • Acquainting parents with what their child is learning in the classroom.

    General principles concerning homework:

    • The purpose for which a homework activity is assigned will be shared with the student.
    • Activities will be necessary, beneficial and clearly explained to the student.
    • Homework will be relevant to the area of study, be reasonable in length, and be appropriate to the maturity and ability level of the student.
    • Teachers will acknowledge completion of homework assignments and/or provide feedback on all homework activities via the online parent portal.
    • Homework assignments will not be used as a disciplinary action for misbehavior of an individual student or group of students.
    • Failure to complete a homework assignment will subject the student to a lower grade and possible failure of the course.
    • Students cannot earn more than half-credit for any homework assignment submitted one day late and no credit will be given for homework submitted more than one day late.

    Student responsibilities:

    • Complete homework assignments given by the teacher.
    • Record and clarify homework assignments, using the resources provided by the school, prior to the due date of the assignment.
    • Strive for neatness, accuracy and improvement with each assignment.

    Parent responsibilities:

    • Show a positive interest in all school activities and provide encouragement to students.
    • Provide students with a suitable place and adequate time for homework.
    • Examine homework assignments and homework progress through the online parent portal.