Grading Policy


    Grades will be established on a numerical basis.  In order for a student to pass a course during the school year, he/she must have a final grade of 65 or better.  Those courses officially designated as Honors or AP (Advanced Placement) by the official title will have the final grade “weighted” for the purpose of grade point average and class rank when the grade is 83 or higher.  Students in an AP or Honors course with less than 83 will not receive a weighted GPA.      

    Numerical                Grade Points          Honors      AP                          Numerical            Grade Points            Honors         AP
    Value                        Regular                                                                  Value                    Regular

    98-100                     4.00                        5.00         5.50                          77-79                       2.00                         2.00         2.00         

    95-97                       3.88                        4.88         5.38                          74-76                       1.67                         1.67         1.67

    92-94                       3.67                        4.67         5.17                          71-73                       1.33                         1.33         1.33

    89-91                       3.33                        4.33         4.83                          68-70                       1.00                         1.00         1.00               

    86-88                       3.00                        4.00         4.50                          65-67                         .67                           .67           .67

    83-85                       2.67                        3.67         4.17                          0-64                          .00                           .00           .00        

    80-82                       2.33                        2.33         2.33                     


    Consistent with our student-centered mission, teachers have the option of giving students a minimum quarterly failing grade of 50 for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd quarter if the teacher feels that extenuating circumstances have contributed to a grade lower than 50. There is no minimum failing grade for either the 4th quarter or the final exam.  For technical programs, each quarter is weighed as 25% of the final grade.  For all other courses, each quarter is weighed as 20% of the final grade, and the final exam is also weighed as 20% of the final grade.

    In an effort to encourage students at an early stage to keep a sensible pace in earning their credits, BCTHS has established a schedule of minimum credits to be earned by September 2 in order to be placed in the next grade.


    From Grade      To Grade        Minimum Credits Earned By September                     All students are required to complete the following credits:

             9                   10                                       7.5                                                     English                     4              Health/PE                2

           10                   11                                       15.0                                                   Math                        4             Technical                 12

           11                   12                                       22.5                                                   Science                    4

           12                   Diploma                               30.0                                                   Social Studies          4


    A student who takes Spanish will take the course during their all-day technical class. 


    Students who fail academic subjects will be advised and expected to attend an approved summer school program to make up the deficient credits.  Failure to do so may jeopardize a student’s placement at BCTHS.  Make up costs for the course will be at the student’s expense