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    Students’ current teachers will make recommendations for courses for the upcoming school year based on student performance and prerequisites. Parents will be able to view these recommendations electronically through the Skyward Parent Portal and contact a counselor regarding any concerns. A deadline date regarding any concerns relative to course recommendations will be communicated to parents through our Alert Now phone contact and school web site. After that deadline, changes to students’ schedules will only be made if extenuating circumstances exist and if approved by administration.


    Guide for Choosing Appropriate Course Levels

    Recommendations: A student’s recommended schedule for the upcoming school year will be completed on the basis of teacher recommendations. It is important that course selections be made with regard to the individual’s needs, aptitude, ability, and interests. Students are encouraged to consult with the guidance counselors, teachers, and parents/guardian concerning questions relating to the selection and continuation in any of the courses of study. It is considered a good educational practice to establish standards for students who wish to continue to work in areas of specialized study. A grade of 74 is the minimal grade which a student may earn in order to be recommended for continued study in sequential subjects which also require the recommendation of the present teacher in that subject area. Students are expected to remain in their selected courses for a full year. Students, parents/guardian, teachers, and counselors should be in agreement to assure the greatest success for each student’s assignments. Careful thought must be given to courses selected.


    Students will extend professional courtesy to all faculty and address staff by using an adult’s proper title as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Dr. and a teacher’s last name. Addressing faculty by any other manner will be deemed unacceptable and could result in insubordination. This includes the use of last name only or any title that negates the professional courtesy intended for a faculty member.



    In an effort to encourage students at an early stage to keep a sensible pace in earning their credits, BCTHS has established a schedule of minimum credits to be earned by September 1 in order to be placed in the next grade.

    From Grade             To Grade                 Min. Credits Earned By Sept.

             9                           10                                       7.5

           10                           11                                      15.0

           11                           12                                      22.5

           12                      Diploma                                 30.0     

    All students are required to complete the following credits:

    English                    4                              Health/PE                 2

    Math                        4                              Technical                 12

    Science                    4

    Social Studies          4

    A student who takes Spanish will take the course during their all day technical class.