Transportation & Parking Info

  • Parking on School Grounds
    Attention 12th Grade Students:
      Student parking permits are only available at the security desk during 1st & 2nd lunches.  During 3rd & 4th lunches, please see Mr. Bray in the cafeteria.
    Bus Transportation
    Bus transportation to and from BCTHS is provided by our six participating districts. Should you have specific questions regarding transportation services, please call the respective school district transportation department.

    Bensalem - 215-750-2800 x 4412
    Bristol Borough - 215-781-1014
    Bristol Township - 215-945-9090
    Morrisville - 215-736-5926
    Neshaminy - 215-809-6260
    Pennsbury - 215-428-4165
    Code of Conduct – Proper behavior is expected while waiting for or riding a school bus. Reports on damage to property at a bus stop or misbehavior on a bus can lead to the suspension of bus riding privileges and possibly a suspension from school. The rules listed below are posted in every bus and must be observed in order for your child to have a safe trip to and from school. Do not lose your riding privileges:

    - Observe classroom conduct
    - Be courteous, use no profane language
    - Do not eat or drink on the bus and keep it clean
    - Stay in your seat and cooperate with the driver
    - Keep hands and feet inside the bus
    - Do not fight, push, shove, or damage bus or equipment
    - Do not tamper with bus equipment
    - Do not bring pets on the bus
    - Do not bring flammable materials on the bus
    - The bus driver is authorized to assign seats
    - Utilize seat belts when they are supplied
    - No smoking

    Loading – Students are dismissed at 1:54PM and will exit the school at the location nearest their predetermined bus pick up locations. Students are required to utilize the pedestrian sidewalks at all times. Due to the extremely tight schedule, buses will depart promptly at 2:05PM. Movement of cars in the loading area is strictly prohibited until all buses have been loaded and have departed. Students with driving permits will observe speed limits posted on school property. Speed limits on school grounds shall not exceed 10 miles per hour at any time.

    School closings are different at BCTHS than at other districts. All transportation decisions are made by the school districts. BCTHS never schedules the buses nor do we cancel them.

    In the event of inclement weather, check to see if BCTHS is open, closed, or has a two-hour delay. BCTHS school closings are announced on WBCB 1490AM and the 3 major television networks. School closings are also posted on this website.

    - If BCTHS has a two-hour delay, you are advised to determine the status of transportation to school based on the status of the district of residence. i.e., if your district of residence has a two-hour delay, you will catch your bus two hours later. 
    - If BCTHS has a two-hour delay and your district of residence is closed, then no transportation will be provided, however, students are still expected to attend school. On such a day we realize that the expectation may be unreasonable. Therefore, the student will be marked absent, and must make up the work. However, the absence will not be counted against the student.
    - If BCTHS has a two-hour delay and your district is operating normally, then the student must get the bus at regular time or be provided with other transportation. 
    - If BCTHS is operating normally and your district is two hours late, then the student will get the bus two hours late and we will adjust the student’s attendance record accordingly.

    - If your district of residence is closed and BCTHS is open, students will be expected to provide their own transportation.


    After school activity buses will run every Tuesday & Thursday.  Students will wait in the main lobby area for their bus to arrive.  It is important that students arrive on-time as the buses will not wait for you.

    Bensalem will pick up students at 4:40pm
    Bristol Borough will NOT be providing after school activity buses
    Bristol Township will pick up students at 4:30pm
    Morrisville will pick up students at 4:15pm.  Morrisville students must sign up in the main office first thing in the morning.
    Neshaminy will pick up students at 4:30pm
    Pennsbury will pick up students at 4:00pm