BCTHS Update on CDC Mask Guidelines and Vaccine Info

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May 14, 2021                                    

                                                  RE: Continue to wear masks

Dear BCTHS Students, Parents, Staff, and Community:

I am sure many of you have heard the new CDC guidance with masks.  This is a huge step in realizing our country is getting a hold of the COVID Pandemic. It is also reaffirming that vaccines are making a difference!

I fully expect BCTHS, along with all schools in the region, will be 100% in-person learning for the fall.

Continue to Wear Face Coverings

Most students are not vaccinated and in order to keep things simple and straightforward, BCTHS will continue to wear face coverings at BCTHS until further notice.  Wearing masks while in school gives our students and staff a simple and effective way to fight the virus.  Masks have become the norm this year and continuing to wear them is a simple, practical, and a safe thing to do.

Vaccines for Students

Due to logistical issues, BCTHS will NOT be a site to vaccinate students.  But I encourage anyone who has yet to be vaccinated to get vaccinated.  Here is the link that shows locations that have the vaccines.  This is in the vaccine.gov website called "VaccineFinder.”


Just type in the zip code and distance you are willing to go to find a convenient location.  Remember that the Pfizer vaccine is the only one available to younger people ages 12-17.

In addition, Bucks County is still offering vaccines at their locations. 

BCTHS will continue to social distance, keep sanitizer available for everyone (and wash hands), and of course, make sure students wear masks while in school.

Thank you for your understanding!



Leon Poeske, Ed.D.
Administrative Director

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