OAC-Culinary Arts

Last Updated: 7/15/2019 5:14 PM

The main purpose of an occupational advisory committee (OAC) is to strengthen the career and technical education program by making recommendations for program improvement and providing technical assistance to assure the most up-to-date curriculum content and appropriate applications of technology.

Advisory committees are a vital link between the career and technical education program, business and industry, and post-secondary education.  In addition to state requirements to establish advisory committees, career, and technical administrators, teachers and citizens recognize the value of community participation in the discussion of career and technical education issues.  Advisory committees assist in assuring the relevance of the career and technical education program to the community and increase public awareness of the program.  Committee members representing business, industry, labor, post-secondary education, and the general public bring a unique perspective to education and training programs.  The OAC provides a viewpoint, which is invaluable to the career and technical education program.

OAC members for Culinary Arts are:


Mike Alexander – BCTHS Teacher

Earl Arrowood– Professor/Program Coordinator, Bucks County Community College

April  Bates - BCTHS Teacher

Michelle Black – BCTHS Teacher

Troy Buonacuore – Kitchen Manager, Millers Ale House

Drew Campbell – Food Service Director, Libertae

Matthew Canning – Executive Chef, Parx Casino

Jerry Coleman – Owner, First Class Services

Eben Copple – Executive Chef, Yardley Inn

Anthony D’Emidio – Cook, Washington Crossing Inn

Michael DiMarco – Territory Manager, US Food Service

Vicki DiMatteo – BCTHS Facilitator

Marqessa Gesualdi – Pastry Chef, Sbraga Dining, BCTHS Alumni

Damon Giancola – Chef/Owner, Gourmet Anywhere, Inc.

Al Hopkins – BCTHS Teacher

Jerry Luz CEC - Executive Chef, Colonial Club of Princeton University

Steven Moskow CEC - Club Manager, Princeton Charter Club

Heather Neumann – Manager, Millers Ale House