Goal: The School-to-Career program at BCTHS is offered to qualifying students from all participating districts.  The purpose of this program is to provide students with work-based experiences to acquaint themselves with the world of work before graduation.  Students may participate in cooperative education, internships, and/or job shadowing experiences.  Students desiring admission to this program must be at least 16 years of age and have working papers.

BCTHS strongly encourages students to participate in some form of school-to-career experience(s) and feels students with hands-on experience in the workplace prepare them for a smoother transition into competitive employment.  These experiences are an integral part of the school’s curriculum, and participation will reflect directly on their academic standing.  Typically, students must receive a “C” or better and have a good attendance and discipline record. 

Cooperative Education (“Co-op”) - students earn a wage as well as experience within their field of study.  

Internship- students participate in a job-related occupation, but it is for limited experience and time, and students are not paid.

Job Placement - students may request assistance in securing a job in their respective field, and every effort is made to place them.

School-to-Career Transition Programs - will be customized by the Transition Coordinator to reflect the individual needs of all special education students. 

Process:   To begin a school-to-career experience, students must complete a “School-to-Career” recommendation form.  Typically, junior and senior students are eligible to participate after completing a pre-evaluation form from a School-to-Career Coordinator. Students on probation must wait one marking period and submit a new form.  If there are any problems, there must be communication between student, parent, teacher, and administration before a decision is reached.  Violations resulting in a major breach of discipline will result in being suspended for one full marking period.  Students will not be permitted to work at their training stations if they are absent from school. If students are too ill to go to school, they are too ill to go to work.  If needed, students must complete a physical education contract before school-to-career placement.  Prospective school-to-career students must be able to furnish their transportation since BCTHS does not provide transportation. 

Clearances:  Pennsylvania law now requires that individuals having regular contact with school students must obtain criminal background checks.  The background checks are required for minors that are hired as employees as well as all outstanding internship opportunities.  Please see the file below named "Child Welfare Clearances" for more information.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Mr. Martino rmartino@bcths.com or Mr. Hansell whansell@bcths.com  

Please note that it is a privilege for students to partake in the School-to-Career Program. Students are not required to participate, and therefore, they can be removed at any time.