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Guidance Services - Pupil Personnel Services

All teachers, administrators, and special service personnel, including the nurse, are part of the guidance team. They work together to promote the proper climate for the educational and emotional growth of the students. Specialized counseling by trained personnel is the keystone of the program.

The following services are available to students through their guidance counselor:

Counselor Information:

Please feel free to contact your child's guidance counselor, according to the student's last name.

A to E- Ms. Kathryn Eby, x 2179 or via email

F to Lid - Mr. David Sine, x 2114 or via email

Lie to Rib - Mrs. Lisa McWilliams, x 2594 or via email

Ric to Z - Mrs. Angela Ponist, x 2163 or via email

  • Arranging conferences with parents, students, and teachers.

  • Administering and interpreting standardized tests and their results to teachers, students, and parents.

  • Identifying students needing special help and providing ways to meet their needs and providing documentation for special placement.

  • Registering and orienting new students.

  • Providing educational, and technical information through counseling, printed material, college and career conferences.

  • Scheduling students in classes to meet their educational needs.

  • Referring students to appropriate specialists for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Counseling students.

  • Supervising record-keeping and providing transcripts and recommendations for students and graduates.

  • Implementation of the Buckley Amendment pertaining to student records.

  • Requests to speak with a counselor are arranged through the guidance office by calling 215.949.1700. Students can arrange for an appointment with their counselor by completing a request form, which is located on the counter in Pupil Services. The counselors will assign an appointment time which the student will receive in his/her first-period class.

  • Every effort will be made to schedule a guidance appointment within 48 hours of the student's request. If there is an emergency or crisis, a counselor will meet with the student immediately. (The following alphabetic assignment is subject to revision.)

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