Fine Woodworking Eagle
Junior Fine Woodworking student, Sarah Martin, designed, cut out (CNC Router) and hand-painted the (old school) Philadelphia Eagles logo.
Senior class disc golf photo
Disc Golf
Seniors who participate in the Health and Phys Ed Disc Golf class were up to the challenge when they travelled to Tyler State Park to play on the top-ranked 36-hole course.
OSHA Certificates
AET students proudly display their recently acquired OSHA certificates.
CDEL Pumpkin Contest
Storybook Pumpkins!
The students in the Child Development and Early Learning class were asked to create their favorite children's book character using a pumpkin! They were all quite clever!
Gifted Seminar
BCTHS students in the Gifted Program took part in a seminar on ethics. The assignment was to create a hat that would be appropriate to wear if visiting the President of the United States.
Ms. Gomes with Life Skills students.
OCTOBER is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!
Down Syndrome Awareness Month inspires us to learn more about this topic and celebrate those born with Down Syndrome. Pictured above is Ms. Gomes and 2 of her Life Skills students.
Life Skills students w their teachers
OCTOBER is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!
Down Syndrome Awareness Month inspires us all to learn more about this topic and celebrate people born with Down Syndrome. Pictured above are Ms. Black and Ms. Tadley with their Life Skills students.
Professional Fine Woodworking Skills
Senior, Daniel Stange, works on his custom-designed shelves using maple and cherry wood with an inlay of walnut.
The Bakery is OPEN!! Our Baking & Pastry Arts students are excited to share the products of their confectionary talents with the BCTHS staff.
Green Energy Park
Students with Summertime Goals!
AET students are having an industrious summer updating and renovating the BCTHS Green Energy park.
AET Students w Certified Electronic Tech Certificates
Senior AET Students Displaying their Certified Electronic Technician Certificates.
auto comp
Automotive Technology Seniors, Patrick Lynch and Anthony Capriotti competed at the 2021 Greater Philadelphia Competition. Each received $10,000 in scholarships and prizes!
Cyber Security Certification
The four Seniors pictured above are the first to receive their Security Pro Certification - a new certification offered to AET - Computer Systems' teacher, Mr. Tom Ryan's students.
Ninth Grade Student Tech Class Placement
9th Grade students are hard at work and enthusiastic to learn in their new Technical Class placement in AET!
BCTHS Staff were recently given the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
The Barkery
THE BARKERY is the Skills for Life Academy's latest project: "Pawsome Treats for Your Pups!" The new project enables students to work on their employability and functional academic skills.
Fine Woodworking
9th Grade Students Exploring the Opportunities in Fine Woodworking
9th Grade Career Explore students were able to experience some hands-on training in Fine Woodworking using the Mini Wood Lathes for a special project.
toys 4 tots
EMS Community Service Project - Toys for Tots!
The BCTHS Emergency Services Technology class is collecting toys for the U.S. Marine Corps "Toys for Tots" initiative. This is a joint project with the Bucks County Rescue Squad.
Welding and Fabrication Technology
The Welding and Fabrication Technology program was the benefactor of a very generous donation of safety equipment (goggles, gloves, helmets, etc.) from Airgas, Inc.
Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking Students Keeping their Skills Sharp!
Fine Woodworking SLIP Grant Interns used their creativity and knowledge to design, construct, paint, finish and install this project from start to finish. The 12' x 4' sign is hung in the Fine Woodworking shop finishing area.
Returning to In-Person Learning
Automotive students pictured above return to in-person learning while following safety protocols.
Mechatronics Technologies
The Mechatronics Technology students are getting back into the swing of things with a hybrid opening of school. A student is using the oscilloscope to analyze waveforms (above left) and the student on the right is practicing the wiring of industrial controls.
Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking Students Learning Through Experience
Fine Woodworking students work on making workbenches for their program from donated wood. The students designed/drew blueprints, assembled and finished these workbenches.
Summer Project
Team Work Makes the Dream Work!
Over the summer, students worked with Fine Woodworking teacher, Mr. Scott Ribarchik, on re-purposing old desk material by fabricating newly designed island desks and workstations.
Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking students recently completed a project, which is displayed in their shop area, portraying a daily reminder of the importance of a good work ethic & positive attitude.
Fine Woodworking - Tools for their Trade!
Fine Woodworking students were able to try out all the features of their CNC Router (Computer Numerical Controlled)!
Landscaping/Floral Design
Eco-friendly pond created by our Landscaping students to be used by our Science classes for their environmental studies.
Fish photo
Eco-friendly Pond
Local inhabitants of the BCTHS eco-friendly pond.
Sustainable Energy Park
Learning Center for Sustainable Energy

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