Student Projects

Last Updated: 7/1/2019 3:42 PM

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Student Made Projects

Below are Pictures of projects made by students in the Fine Woodworking Program.  Students designed, drew, assembled, finished, and installed all the projects you see below.  

 Cherry Kitchen Cabinets  Installing Drawer Slides

Spraying Finish in our Booth  Cherry Cabinets  

Cherry Cabinets Installed  Cherry Cabinets Installed 2

CADD Design Fine Wodoworking  Finished Sign

CNC Machine   Class Holding the CNC Sign

outdoor desks   outdoor desks  2

outdoor desks 3  outdoor desks 4

outdoor desks 5  outdoor desks 6

Malcolm Island  Island Finished


 JW Table  Ashley Table


Shuffle Board A  Shuffle Board B


Kitchen A  Kitchen B


Coffee Table  End Tables


 Work Bench A  Work Bench B


Cabinet A  Cabinet B


 Security Desk A  Security Desk B


 Chairs  Night Stand


Chest A  Chest B


 Bed A  Bed B


Custom Built in Shelving Below with a sliding Barn Door.  Designed, Drawn, Built, and Finished by students. 

 A. Pre  B. drawing  

C.Installed D. Finished

 Picture A = Prior, Picture B = Drawing, Picture C = After built & installed, Picture D = Finished. 


Desk A  Desk B


 Work bench A  Work bench B