Letter from Administrative Director - Recommendation for Mask Requirement in School

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January 19, 2022                                                                                       

                                                                  RE:  Recommending Mask Requirement

Dear BCTHS Students, Parents, Staff, and Community:

Given the unprecedented cases of COVID and its impact on in-person learning, I will be recommending to the school’s Joint Board Committee that BCTHS adopt a mask requirement for anyone while inside BCTHS.  This recommendation will be deliberated and voted on at the January 24 Board meeting. The goal of BCTHS is to continue having in-person learning with as few COVID absences and disruptions as possible and wearing a mask may help keep more students and staff in the building.

COVID cases in Bucks County continue to skyrocket and I anticipate this number to increase for another week or so before moving downward.  BCTHS has also been hit by COVID cases among students and staff whereby we have had the highest number of cases since the beginning of school.  In fact, BCTHS may be in a situation whereby there are not enough teachers, teacher assistants, substitutes, or other staff in our building to safely educate and supervise the students.  If this happens, BCTHS may have to cancel in-person learning during that time and/or move to remote learning if feasible.  Some area schools and districts have already experienced this impact. 

I strongly encourage everyone to follow the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Bucks County Health Department recommendations to:

  • wear masks while inside schools;
  • get vaccinated (and a booster when possible);
  • keep socially distant where possible;
  • wash hands frequently; and,
  • stay home if you feel sick or if you are awaiting COVID results.

And remember that students must wear masks while on buses since this is a federal regulation (this has not changed). 

As mentioned, the goal of BCTHS is to continue having in-person learning with as few COVID absences and disruptions as possible.  Everyone’s help in following the health agencies’ recommendations gives the school its best chance of keeping students and staff in the building.


Thank you,

Leon Poeske, Ed.D.
Administrative Director


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