Automotive Technology

Last Updated: 7/21/2022 12:32 PM

Automotive Technology is taught by ___________ (tbd).
and Mr. Allan Young

Advancements in automobile safety, fuel management, and comfort have led to an increasing reliance on computers and electronic components that make cars operate efficiently. Today’s auto technicians must be well-educated and continue training to stay on the cutting edge of advances in computer and electronic technology. They also must be skilled in all aspects of mechanical repair procedures and knowledgeable about service intervals and similar maintenance requirements on a wide variety of vehicles.

The need for technicians to understand electrical/electronics is going to be one of the most essential skills in vehicle repairs today. Students will have hands-on practices with digital multimeters, test lights, lab scopes, and a variety of scan tools.  Students will learn and understand the OHMS law application, voltage, amperage, and current.  Also, the proper way to test and service batteries, starters, and charging systems will be taught. Lighting systems, gauges, and electrical accessories are also included in this program.

Students will complete 230 hours of engine performance discipline and will experience hands-on practices with special tools and equipment to understand the general engine diagnosis, computer engine controls, ignition systems, fuel, air, and exhaust systems. 


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Certifications available to the successful Automotive Technology student include:     

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence Certification)    

AYES Certification                                                                            

Certified Emissions Inspector  

Certified Safety Inspector, Cat 1

HeartsaverAED, CPR & First Aid

Section 609 Certification for Refrigerant Recycling and Recovery 

OSHA Certification

PA Emission Certification

PA Safety Inspection License



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