OAC - Fine Woodworking

Last Updated: 10/17/2019 12:09 PM

The main purpose of an occupational advisory committee (OAC) is to strengthen the career and technical education program by making recommendations for program improvement and providing technical assistance to assure the most up-to-date curriculum content and appropriate applications of technology.

Advisory committees are a vital link between the Career & Technical Education programs, business & industry, and post-secondary education.  In addition to state requirements to establish advisory committees, career, and technical administrators, teachers and citizens recognize the value of community participation in the discussion of career and technical education issues.  Advisory committees assist in assuring the relevance of the career and technical education program to the community and increase public awareness of the program.  Committee members representing business, industry, labor, post-secondary education, and the general public bring a unique perspective to education and training programs.  


Members of the Fine Woodworking OAC are:


Aaron Bach – Owner, Aaron Bach Contracting, BCTHS Alumni

Donald Beisel – Production Operator, DSM Products

Daniel Berrios – Cabinet Detailer/Millwork Designer, JBI Interiors, OAC Chairperson

John Buz – Carpenter/Camp Ranger, Minsi Trails Council

Joseph Cossman – Craftsman/Utility Mechanic, LBCJMA

Barry Curewitz - Owner/Woodworker, Closet Possible

Joseph Eardley Sr. – Owner, Kajo Associates

Joseph Fekete - Cabinetmaker, William H Mann Custom Cabinetry

Jim Forrest – Cabinetmaker, TC Millwork

Walter Jerdan – Instructor, De LaSalle Vocational School

Brittney S. Kubat - Woodworking Bucks County Community Colege, BCTHS Alumni

Steve Latta – Cabinetmaking Instructor, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Scott Lieberman – Furniture Restoration

Bill Moran – Furniture Refinisher

Matt Patterson – Owner, EMC Builders

Ray Pizza – Cabinetmaking, A/S Custom Furniture, BCTHS Alumni

Joshua Polanczyk – Cabinetmaker, Minzer and Co.

John B Ribarchik – Owner, Bucks County Equipment

Cody Roberts – Cabinetmaker, Neshaminy Valley Millwork, BCTHS Alumni

Gerry Rooney - BCTHS Teacher

Jacob Severn – General Laborer, Lehigh Valley Paving 

Malcolm Taylor – Finish Carpenter/Woodworker, Smithwell Construction, Inc. 

Chris Todd – Woodworking Professor, Bucks County Community College

Robert Torres – Adult Ed. Cabinetmaking, Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

John Waslenko - Millworker / Operator, Toll Brothers, Inc. 

John Wertz – BCTHS Consultant

Jacob Westwood – Cabinetmaker, Stofanak Custom Cabinetry

Steve Young – Cabinetmaker/Coordinator, Philadelphia Carpenters Apprentice School