Student Requirements & Regulations

Last Updated: 10/16/2019 11:14 AM


Upon entry into the Fine Woodworking Program at the Bucks County Technical High School, ALL students will be required to obtain and bring with them to school every day, the following items: 

  • PENCIL - Students must come prepared with a #2 pen every day, no "clicky" pens.
  • SAFETY GLASSES - Students have issued a pair of glasses from the school nurse at the beginning of the year.  "Regular" or "Over the glasses" type of safety glasses are available.  If they are lost, stolen, broken, students are to pay for a replacement pair $5.00.  Students may also purchase their own from a local store, and they need to be clear lenses, no tinted lenses. 
  • TAPE MEASURE - Students are required to purchase their tape measure.  The recommended tape measure for Fine Woodworking is a Stanley PowerLock 16 Ft. tape, $9.00 from Home Depot.   
  • BOOTS - Students are required to purchase these required footwear, absolutely NO open-toed shoes: i.e., flip flops, sandals, etc. or sneakers/shoes.  
  • LOCK - Students are required to purchase a SCHOOL ISSUED lock for their locker within the Fine Woodworking Program.  Students may NOT use their own outside purchased lock for safety reasons, must be school-issued.  Locks are purchased from Pupil Services for $7.00.  One time purchase unless lost by the student, this lock is separate from the students lock for their hallway locker.  
  • UNIFORM - Students are required to purchase shop uniform shirts from the school store, one short-sleeved $10.00 & one long-sleeved $15.00 ARE REQUIRED ($25.00 Total).  Students must always be prepared with their shop uniform shirts every day.  Students may, and are encouraged to, purchase more than two shirts from the store if available.  Hooded sweatshirts will also be available for sale in the store but are not required.  
  • (2), 1-1/2" - 3-RING, VIEW STYLE BINDER - Students are required to purchase two, 3-Ring Binders for their portfolio & notebook in this class.  Students need a 1-1/2", Color: Black, View Style, 3 Ring Binder, $7.00 each from Office Depot.    
  • LAB WORKBOOK - Students are required to purchase the "Modern Cabinetmaking - Fifth Edition, Lab Workbook," Price: $35.00.  A one time purchase at the start of their 10th grade school-year to the main office, students must bring their receipt to Mr. Ribarchik after purchase is made.  
  • OSHA 10 CERTIFICATION - Students are required to purchase the CareerSafe OSHA 10 General Industry Certification course, a one time purchase of $30.00 at the start of their 10th grade school year to the primary office.  Students must bring their receipt to Mr. Ribarchik after purchase is made.  

 *If there are any financial issues obtaining these items via a documented hardship, the parent/guardian must contact Mr. Ribarchik IMMEDIATELY, and we can explore avenues through our guidance department and school nurse to get the student the needed items.     

Email:       Phone: 215-949-1700 ext. 2199



Student grading within the Fine Woodworking Program is broken down into three categories: Participation (Work Ethic), Theory, & Shop.  Below are the percentage allotments for these designated categories and the type of tasks included under each category.


  • "Participation/Work Ethic" makes up the majority of a student's grade.  Every day a student walks into the Fine Woodworking Program they start with a 10 for the day.  All items listed under the "3 Main Rules" are items that can cause a student to lose points each day, such as: being unprepared, behavioral issues, safety hazards, disobeying shop/school rules, etc.  How you act/conduct yourself daily, similar to how you would perform on the job site and are paid accordingly after that. 

THEORY = 25%

  • Items such as tests, homework, learning guides, lesson plans, blueprint drawing, warmups, exit tickets, and other various classroom activities will fall under the "Theory" category.

SHOP = 25%

  • Operation of machinery, tasks on the Fine Woodworking Program of Study Curriculum, shop done projects, and other various activities completed in the shop area can fall under the "Shop" category.  



Student attendance within the Fine Woodworking Program at the Bucks County Technical High School falls under the "Participation" category for grading purposes.  If a student is not present in their technical classroom, they're unable to participate, and their grade will be affected accordingly.  More details of the school's attendance policy can be found on pages 1-3 of the Student Handbook & Disciplinary Code.  

  • If a student is absent, they have THREE days after return to school to bring in an excuse that must be submitted to the Pupil Services Office. 
  • For an absence to be deemed excused, the student must present a note signed by his/her parent/guardian, or a signed doctor's note, to the Pupil Services Office.
  • Legally excused absences include illness, quarantine, death in the family/funeral, impassable roads, inclement weather, home emergencies directly related to the student, and exceptionally urgent reasons.  
  • Oversleeping or missing the bus are NOT legal excuses.
  • If a student is Tardy, which means arriving to class after the late bell at 7:18 AM, they are required to sign in at the Pupil Services Office.  THE DOOR TO THE CLASSROOM IS CLOSED AND LOCKED AT 7:18 AM, 7:19 YOU ARE LATE.  Students arriving after this time will not be admitted into class without a pass from the Pupil Services Office. 
  • For every unexcused absence, a student will receive a daily participation grade of a ZERO for that day. 
  • For every excused absence, a student will receive a daily participation grade of a SEVEN for that day. 
  • If a student accrues more than three unexcused absences within a single marking period, that student can receive no higher than a grade of 82% for that marking period, regardless of performance.
  • If a student accumulates 15 or more excused absences, he/she will be considered "habitually" absent and WILL be required to present a doctor's note for any further deficiencies to be deemed excused. 
  • For every six unexcused absences, one Saturday detention will be issued to the student. 
  • For every ten unexcused lates, one Saturday detention will be issued to the student. 
  • Pre-Approved excused absences must be submitted in writing to the Pupil Services Office two weeks in advance.  Requests for the first and last weeks of school will not be approved and will be deemed unexcused.  



*Students are required to subscribe to the safety pledge and practices listed below while in the Fine Woodworking Program.  Safety is the most important aspect of the Fine Woodworking Program, and there will be a zero-tolerance policy for students creating safety hazards that could harm themselves or any other students.  A copy of this Safety Pledge will be sent home for signatures from the student and the parent/guardian.  


                                                                                    STUDENT SAFETY PLEDGE FORM


I, _____________________________________________________, who is enrolled in ____________________________________,

                                          (Student’s Name)                                                                                                     (Program)

will, as part of his/her program experience, operate machines, providing that his/her parent or guardian gives written permission.


 It is understood that each student will be given proper instruction, both in the use of the equipment and incorrect safety procedures concerning it, before allowed to operate it alone.  The student must assume responsibility for following safe practices, and we, therefore, ask that he/she subscribe to the following safety pledge. 

  1. I promise to follow all safety rules for the program.
  2. I promise never to use a machine without first having permission from the instructor.
  3. I will not ask permission to use a particular machine unless I have been instructed in its use and have achieved 100% on the safety training and/or test for that machine.
  4. I will report any accident or injury to the teacher immediately.
  5. The Bucks County Technical High School cannot and will not be responsible for any medical bills which occur due to an accident/injury on school property; therefore, parent/guardian is responsible for providing coverage, either through personal insurance or insurance purchased through their school. 

  Date: _________________________ Student’s Signature: ________________________________________________________


I at this moment, give my consent to allow my son/daughter to operate all machines and equipment necessary in carrying out the requirements of the course in which he/she is enrolled.


Date: _______________________ Parent’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________

arents are cordially invited to visit the shop to inspect the machines and to see them in operation.  Proper channels must be followed through our administration & security personnel to conduct such visits.