Student Council

Last Updated: 11/20/2020 2:45 PM

Student Council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school administration.  They also promote the general welfare of our school, encourage government student and strive to improve the spirit of the school.  This club also helps to raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, and school reform. 

Our Student Council advisor is Mrs. Kelly Woehr.


Congratulations to the following Student Council/SkillsUSA/Class Officers for the 2021-2022 school year:

SkillsUSA/Senior Class President:    ​Lydia Pringle
​SkillsUSA/Senior Class Vice President:  Ryan Gallagher
Senior Class Treasurer:  Brielle Ludwig
Senior Class Secretary:  Jenna Graber
Senior Class Social Chair:  TBD

Junior Class President/SkillsUSA Parliamentarian:   
Junior Class Vice President/Skills USA Treasurer:  
Junior Class Treasurer:  
Junior Class Secretary:   
Junior Class Social Chair:  

Sophomore Class President/Skills USA Secretary:  
Sophomore Class Vice President/SkillsUSA Reporter:  
Sophomore Class Treasurer:  
Sophomore Class Secretary:   
Sophomore Class Social Chair:  

Freshman Class President:  
Freshmen Class Vice President:  
Freshmen Class Treasurer:  
Freshmen Secretary:  

Freshmen Class Social Chair: