Breakfast & Lunch Program

BCTHS is a participant in the National School Lunch Program. You may apply before the start of the school year by completing an application online at the website.   You must complete one form for your child(ren) attending BCTHS, and one app for all other children attending school at your home school district. We must have an application on file at our school for your child(ren) to receive free or reduced priced meals at BCTHS.  A new application must be completed every school year. Students who received free or reduced lunch at BCTHS last year will continue to receive free or reduced lunch until October 15, 2019.  If a new application has not been received and processed by the School Nurses by that date, the student will no longer receive free or reduced-price meals.  

Our computerized cashier system requires all students to present their student ID badge to the cashier at the time of meal service, including those on the Free or Reduced Meals Program. All students using the pre-pay method also require their student ID badge to obtain lunch. 

  Phone- 215-949-1700     Fax- 215-949-2104