21st Century Community Learning Center Clubs

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Provide opportunities after-school to students for the workforce and career readiness, college preparedness, vocational/technical programs, tutoring services that are designed to reinforce and complement regular academic programs along with high school credit recovery needed for graduation.


21st CCLC BCTHS After School Registration

21st CCLC Director and Coordinators                                                                                                           Image result for soaring beyond expectations logo

  • Darletta Berry-Johnson – 21st CCLC Executive Director
    • Email – info@ivinsoutreach.org
  • Alexander Johnson – 21st CCLC Project Coordinator Cohort 9
    • Email – alex@mv21stcclc.org
  • John Wertz – 21st CCLC Site Coordinator Cohort 9
    • Email – jwertz@bcths.com
  • Brandee Baker – 21st CCLC Site Coordinator Cohort 8
    • Email – bbaker@bcths.com



Self-Improvement Clubs:                                                                 

  • After-School Study Hall: Wednesday & Thursday
    • Instructor: Katelyn Hyland (D-208)
    • Purpose: assist students with academic needs and credit recovery
  • Strategic Thinking Club: Tuesday & Thursday
    • Instructor: Joe Theis (C-103)/Facilitator: Mary DeSandro
    • Purpose: enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills through cooperative and competitive board games


Technical Program Clubs:

  • Art Integration with Commercial Arts: Tuesday & Thursday
    • Instructors: Rosita Mullane/Facilitator: Kathy Krawczun (D-202)
    • Purpose: art design with community service opportunities and cultural activities
  • Community Construction: A Service Learning Club: Thursday and some Saturdays
    • Instructor: Evan Baker (B-104)
    • Purpose: to give back to the community by students using their construction academy skills to local organizations
  • Cosmetology Hour Earners: Thursday & one Sat./month
    • Instructors: Brandee Baker/Facilitator: Jen Saba (H-103)
    • Purpose: give students the opportunity to practice cosmetology skills and to recover hours that are missed for graduation
  • Food for Thought: Tuesday & Thursday
    • Instructors: Scott Saunders/Facilitator: Michelle Epperson (D-109)
    • Purpose: student created meals from the formal recipe curriculum to local non-profit organizations
  • Self-Expression Through Art Class: Wednesday
    • Instructors: Sandra Holliday & Carrie Weiss (outside vendor) (C-103)
    • Purpose: personal creative expressions and outlets through art


College Readiness:

  • Academic Enrichment: Monday - Thursday
    • Instructor: Anne Njeru (C-108)
    • Purpose: prepare students for college math courses, math enrichment, and higher level math with homework assistance
  • Bucks County Community College Course: Monday & Wednesday
    • Instructor: Lisa Mayo (D-105)
    • Purpose: teach a transferable 3 credit college course after-school
  • Embrace SAT Prep Class: Monday
    • Instructor: Anthony Weinkopff (outside vendor) (E-112)
    • Purpose: prepare students to take the SAT for college entrance


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